KY 96-Hour Salesperson Pre-License Package with Exam Prep Edge


This package includes all 96 hours of required Pre-Licensing education in Kentucky, as well as Kentucky Exam Prep Edge.

Please take a moment to watch this short video to see how LEAP works. The course consists of readings, short videos, animated scenarios, and incremental assessments. Everything is located within the course platform – there are no additional outside materials to purchase.

This course provides 96 hours of instruction in essential real estate topics required of all applicants for a salesperson license in Kentucky.

The course prepares learners for the Kentucky licensing exam and provides the practical business knowledge and foundation necessary to be a successful real estate salesperson in Kentucky. Topics include the real estate principles, real estate law, brokerage management, real estate finance, real estate marketing, property management, real estate investment, real estate appraisal, home inspection, real estate auction, construction and blueprints, land planning and zoning, commercial real estate, urban planning, and advanced appraisal topics.