Criminal Background Check:


FBI Criminal Background Report Process

1.  Applicants should print off the "Fingerprinting Instruction Sheet" from the KREC website and take it with them to be fingerprinted. It contains required information. The required "ORI Number" is KY92029Z and the "Reason Fingerprint" is KRS 324.045 Real Estate License.

2.  Applicants must be fingerprinted and the completed fingerprint card, along with a check or money order for $42.00, must be mailed or delivered to the Kentucky State Police, Records Branch, 1266 Louisville Road, Frankfort, Ky. 40601. This must be completed prior to scheduling the real estate exam. Applicants may test while they are waiting on their FBI Background Report to be returned to the KREC.

3.  Fingerprinting is free at all Kentucky State Police ("KSP") post locations, but there is a $32.00 (check or money order only) processing fee that must be submitted to the KSP in Frankfort, along with the completed fingerprint card. Other fingerprinting locations charge varying fingerprinting fees in addition to the $32.00 processing fee.

4.  Applicants are encouraged to user the services of the KSP post locations for fingerprinting whenever possible. Although there are many other fingerprinting services available, there is a greater chance of the fingerprints being rejected form them because individuals may not have been trained in those locations. The KSP staff are trained to do fingerprinting and they have the appropriate cardstock available at most locations.

5. Applicants should verify that the KREC has received the applicant's FBI Background Check. Applicants should wait ten (10) business days after submitting payment and the fingerprint card to the KSP, before contacting KREC Staff Member Lucie Duncan by email at She will be able to verify that the KREC has received the applicant's FBI Background Check. The KREC does not receive contact information from the FBI If the applicant's fingerprints are rejected the KREC will be unable to contact the applicant, as we only receive a name and a date birth.

6.  If the applicant's FBI Background Report reveals any felony convictions or any misdemeanors within the last five (5) years, the report will be submitted to the KREC Legal Department for review. This process could require an investigation and/or a hearing, which would delay the application process, and the applicant could possibly be denied licensure. 

Click this link for instruction sheet.


Click this link for the FBI fingerprint Card to use for KREC and KY State Police.

If you have further questions, contact the Commission office: 
Kentucky Real Estate Commission 
10200 Linn Station Rd., Suite 20, Louisville, KY40223 
Phone: 502-429-7250 or 1-888-373-3300