Combination of 60 Hours On-Line and 36 Hours Classroom


This course must be completed in one year. Upon expiration the student will have to enroll again.

The 60 hours is an online course. This is a national pre-licensing   product providing the best foundation possible for aspiring real estate professionals. 

This package includes 60 hrs. online and 36 hours in the classroom

The 36 hours in-class is offered as (8) Law Sessions. The Law Sessions do not need to be taken in numerical order. The sessions are taught in 4 hour increments usually on a Tuesday,Wednesday, or Thursday, 6 pm to 10 pm.

This course also includes array of tools to help you study and pass the real estate exam:
*  Practice exam software with over 2000 questions
*  Comprehensive study notes and quizzes over KY Law
*  Our custom E-book Study guide of over 1000 pages and includes 50 math practice questions and answers.

* Our 'Pass the Test the First Time' money back guarantee*.
Guarantee includes reimbursement for cost of state exam if you fail to pass after scoring 85 % on both of our exams not averaged

$499 Course Fee